On my way to work this morning my phone rang.  I was still half asleep and considered not answering.  I'm glad I did.  It was the person overseeing my medical file, and she was calling to let me know that they are have almost completed reviewing my medical file, and it appears that I will be medically cleared for a departure date in February.  The only catch is that, as of right now, I will be placed with 'psychological accommodation.'  According to the person from the Peace Corps, this will only eliminate approximately 5 countries from the list of places I could be serving, although she was unable to tell me which countries that included.  
From here, there are two paths that I can take.  The first is to accept the accommodation.  I don't really have too much of a problem with this, except that I truly believe that it isn't necessary.  Much like the treatment plans for headaches and heartburn, this accommodation would be for minor anxiety that I experienced three years ago.  With all of the negative stigma that is already attached to psychological visits, I think that difficulties like these are unfortunate.  They further discourage individuals from seeking a professional opinion when they are facing difficulties that are an inevitable part of life.
The other option I have is to schedule a visit with a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist for a full mental health evaluation.  I had the Peace Corps mail me the paperwork so it will be here if I decide to do this.  The trouble is that the final decision is still up to the Peace Corps' mental health advisor.  There is a chance that I spend the time and money for a second opinion only to have them decide that I will still be placed with accommodation.  I guess that then I would at least truly know where I stand.
I do have time to figure this out while I wait for even more paperwork from the Peace Corps.  Que será, será.

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