My Thoughts on Velcro -  Two Happy Left Feet
I buttoned my coat sideways today.
A little like me,
but the seams don't match.

I'm standing backwards on a bus 
because there isn't enough room to 
turn around.
Nor do I want to.

Because even if there was room,
if there weren't so many
headed to the same place I am.
And assuming I wanted to see where 
I was going
instead of where I'd immediately been.
I have just plain to much baggage 
to allow me to turn around.

Such a simple pivot is made amazingly
by the weight
of the words
that i carry in a beach bag
by my hip.

There are the planners,
and calendars,
the interesting bit of plastic I found
on the street this morning
that I thought might be useful
even though I can't imagine what for.
And there are the color-coded

That heap of organization 
would tumble and bubble
from the bag by my hip
(that matches my jacket
and scarf
and the cuffs on my mittens
that no one can see anyway).

All of my right-angle efforts
neatly-filed papers
and crisp-edged folders
risk being defiled
on the muddy-boot rivers
that run the length of the aisle.

All of it would explode
if I were to try 
to turn around.

So I stand there
sandwiched like so much tuna
between a man I am sure showers 
less often than I cut my hair
and a woman
wearing almost enough perfume
to cover him up.

I ponder all of this
and I decide
I'm fine.
In fact,
I am perfectly content
to watch the green light 
on the back of the bus
inform me that it is now safe
to open the door.

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    Ever since I was little I have enjoyed playing with words.  I recently went through some of my old journals (which I have been keeping since my freshman year of high school) and dug up some of my favorites.  Some of them I revised a little, and some I left as is.  Not all of the sentiments still ring true, but it is an interesting experience for me to reread and share them.  It's a little like opening an old letter from someone you haven't talked to in ages.  I am still writing plenty and I'm sure that there will be more poems and essays about my current experiences here soon.  Buen provecho!


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