Today I had, what I hope to be, my last doctor's appointment.  Last week I got yet another letter from the Peace Corps.  Getting letters is starting to loose some of its excitement.  The letter said that after receiving confirmation of my immunizations the Peace Corps had opened my medical file and found that sections were incomplete or warranted further information.  They needed my psychologist to fill out a section she had missed.  They needed further information on headaches and heartburn I haven't had for over 3 years, and they needed lab reports that I had already given them in my original medical submission.  I have to admit, I was close to tears reading this letter.  I continue to be optimistic and excited about serving, but having to resubmit information is terribly frustrating.  On the upside, this is an excellent opportunity to practice the patience and perseverance that I will undoubtedly need in service.

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